Cafe Tarco

ux design | e-commerce setup | project management
project overview
through Agencia Vento, i led a team in charge of redesigning our local coffee roastery's e-commerce website and migrating it from woocommerce to shopify, while refreshing their branding.
our biggest challenge would be their packaging. they had four coffees, but were difficult to distinguish at a glance.

how could we better communicate to our clients what to expect of the coffee inside these bags?
we brainstormed for a while and settled for simplicity: both a colorful background and a couple of words would have to be enough. plus, the ability to quickly choose product options or know more about the beans would reassure the customer
a graphic designer made variations of the backgrounds while i focused on the ux writing.

just by looking at these pictures and reading these notes, users would have to be able to figure out the tasting profiles of each coffee and pick which one they'd like to try.
these were the final versions
chocolate velvet
crunchy vanilla
candied serenity
tropical cream
just one piece was missing, a slogan.
inviting and reassuring while not overcommitting.

you could have the best coffee beans in the world and still have a bad experience for a multitude of factors, all we could do would be get them the coffee, the rest was up to them. and that was it!

“Coffee boosts your best moments.
You take care of preparing it, we do the rest”.
these were the challenges i enjoyed the most resolving, but i also:
- served as project manager
- wrote most of the copy (including a recipe page and blog entries)
- wireframed every page
- set up the store on shopify.

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