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project overview
with Isabella Quintana, we worked for Hunter Dunnet, a franco-british photographer. he needed help with his branding and getting two of his projects online
“i want to have a website where i can show what i do... but i also want it to make sense, to be faithful to what the project meant to me”.

the projects dealt with the changing landscapes of the Alabaster coast as a result of climate change and pollution.
inspired by this setting, we settled on a color palette inspired by the landscape and its textures. they would symbolize the sky, the clouds, the water, the soil and rocks.

the only hint of green would be what was left of it in the photographs.
we wanted a mobile first approach, as figuring out how to show the landscape photos would be the real challenge. we tried many things until hunter gave an insight,

"this photograph, it fills me with sadness. so many things happening at the same time, like that flower bouquet”
we had seen the pictures many times, but it was then that we noticed the small details that were plaguing every one of them.

so i started to mess with the photographs and crop out the details. the flower bouquet, a couple in the distance looking at its way, a guy walking away from it with his hands up in the air.
hunter loved it. he brought quotes that spoke to him, and we designed an experience that balanced photographs, crops and quotes, and finished at a story we were all proud of telling.
he had a second project, the evidence project.
“i found all of these objects in the tide pools, but could only photograph them under the correct tidal coefficients”.

tidal coefficients dictate how low or high is the tide, and are influenced by the moon, dates and hours.

inspired by evidence bags, we went on a descriptive journey around each photograph. this time, instead of crops, we would have evidence descriptions
i enjoyed a lot of my time in this project. i felt i could truly devote myself into an artistic expression above a commercial product.

i also:
- wireframed every page
- set up the page on squarespace
- managed french translations via weglot (currently down)

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